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We are going to build a model home for Rocky Roadz Projects with all of the "bells and whistles" (Including a roof-top garden and terrace). It will be an important first step in recruiting the independent investors who will be crucial for the success of this project.

The home will be rehabbed with funding provided by profits from our online mall, branded merchandise sales (Advertising, Books, Keychains, Mugs, etc.) and good, "old-fashioned" crowd funding.


FAIR TRADE LANDLORDS WANTED: If you know of any property owners in Metropolitan Philadelphia whose buildings rent for less than 1¼% of the value of their building(s) each month, Please have them contact us so that we can honor them on our sites. There is, of course, no charge for this service.


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U.F.T. Book Mart at Amazon:

"Past Food"

: A collection of recipes from 1962 school cafeterias, scaled down for family dining.

"Phast Food"

: Recipes created by and for U.S. Government nutrition programs.

"Home Inspection Checklist"

: A do-it-yourself guide for annual home checkups.



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"The DEMI Storefront": Editable designs for imprinted products that will suit anyone's' tastes.



Keepin' It Short & Sweet

We have only two levels of gift-earning donations: $50 and $100,
and each is available only until our model home is completely funded.


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A Word From America's


Miss Columbia / Lady Liberty

Crowd Founding isn't a call to alms. It's call for ending the neglect..

It is the beginning of private sector partnering with disadvantaged neighborhoods in America's Birthplace.

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Miss Columbia


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