Prosperity Flippers

What is a "Propper Landlord"?

Socially Responsible Investing is the primary reason that someone becomes a Propper Landlord.


Propper Homes will usually be the homes with the highest appraisals on their block because it takes that much extra value to make their neighborhood's "Market Value" rents also "fair".


A Propper Home's features and floor plan may vary from one to the next, but each property shares one feature:
The total, monthly rent for the building does not exceed 1.25% of the building's value.


Business Loans

500px X 350px (About 5" x 3½")

This space may be linked to additional ad space on this site or to your own website.


This space costs $300 and runs for over a year,
until December 31, 2019. It may be changed as often as you wish.


Are you a House Flipper
who would be interested in having Propper landlords contract for your services?



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