For their mutual benefit,

Rocky Roadz networks real estate consumers and real estate investors


Buck Steps

Take Your Pick, Rocky Road is

  1. A local nickname for an avenue adjacent to some famous movie locations in Philadelphia,
  2. The kind of lives lived by most of the people who live on or near that street,
  3. An ice cream flavor that describes that avenue: Mostly “chocolate”, with some white pieces blended in, and some nuts that add qualities of their own,
  4. The name of the investment companies, followed by a number, that will fund and manage DEMOs housing in Philadelphia
  5. All of the above.


Paying I.T. Forward

A basic Rocky Road Investment Package

    includes products and services from several, independent affiliates:
    • Incorporation in Pennsylvania
    • Five parcels of land
    • Contracts complete construction or rehab on each lot
    • Rental and management contracts for first year
    • Five years of marketing, promotion and press releases for term of agreement


The Rehabs

There are several factors that will go into the choice of each jobsite.

The Primary Factors:

    • Price (including the amount of prep needed to begin construction)
    • Location (Including proximity of other jobsites)
    • Projected rehab costs

    The Contractors

    Whenever possible, construction and renovations will be made by skilled and responsible crews that are based in or near the neighborhood of each jobsite.

    Scheduling and supply ordering will be coordinated, whenever appropriate, with other jobsites within the Rootsification © network.

    The Tenants

    The Primary Tenant

    At least one tenant in each project will qualify for an option to purchase their building at the end of five years. In return for minor cleaning and building manager duties, this person will be credited with $200 per month toward their purchase of the building.

    The combined rents of all tenants in a building will not exceed one and one-quarter percent (1 ¼%) of their building's replacement cost.

    In the fifth year of ownership, the investor will make the preparations for an Employee Stock Ownership (E.S.O.P.) sale of the property to the Primary Tenant.

    Please Note: An ESOP is easier to finance than a traditional mortgage and it provides tax advantages to the seller(s) of the property.

    The Investors

    This portion of the Rootsification © project provides investors with

    • Investment Flexibility
    • Multiple pParticipation Options
    • Predictable Profit
    • Exceptional Community Goodwill
    ... in addition to a Green Card



Row House

The EB-5 "green card" program

grants immigration rights to the residents of other countries if they invest in United States businesses. EB-5 guidelines are well-suited to the Rootsification © program, so we will be marketing that service in overseas markets.

Each EB-5 investor will be responsible for 5-10 complete rehabs in Philadelphia and up to the same number in home-grown new property owners. Each will also create ten new jobs.




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