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anywhere in this network of sites are committed to customer satisfaction for BOTH financial and ethical reasons.

To each of them, fair trade and community partnerships are more effective and long-lasting than any other actions can even hope to duplicate.

Urban Fair Trade is primarily an advocate for mutually-respectful commerce, so we provide businesses with ways to offer their "Best Practices At Fair Prices".


ALL profits from UrbanFairTrade.com and
its sister sites are invested in our projects:


Project Number 1


Rootsification © is a kind of gentrification that benefits people with roots in the community. Buildings that qualify for for the program may be rehabbed and managed by Urban Fair Trade, or by unrelated companies that meet our rent-charged standards.

Rootsification's © primary purpose is to encourage rents that are in line with each building's value. Inhouse, we will build homes up to a value that justifies the average rents that are normal for the neighborhood. (See DEMOs)


Project Number 2

(Soon) Barter

Convenient business-to-business barter can be a very profitable way to enhance a company's bottom line.

U.F.T. Moonlighting will offer 100% trade (No cash fees), income from anticipated sales, no purchase approvals required, online or smart phone app transactions, and amazing free services for 401(c)(3)s.

When this service launches, trades for advertising on Urban Fair Trade sites will be welcomed.



Project Number 3

(In 2019) Vittle People

Open to anyone, but targeted to young people, Vittle People will be a site for compiling and editing family cookbooks. If someone can write an email, they have the skills to publish a book.

Creating a family heirloom will not only bring families closer, but it will teach tradition, portioning, budgeting and a host of other life skills.

In education, that's called "The Generation Effect".


Our Pilot Project

A picture is worth a thousand words and our model home will launch 1,000 new life stories.

We are going to build a model home for Rootsification;'s © Rocky Roadz projects, with all of the "bells and whistles" (Including a roof-top garden and terrace). It will be a tangible goal for residents, investors, contractors and anyone else who believes in fair commerce

The home will be rehabbed with funding provided by profits from our online mall, branded merchandise sales (Advertising, Books, Keychains, Mugs, etc.) and good, "old-fashioned" crowd funding.

Enjoy $20 off your first Snap Kitchen meal plan!

Equal is Fair

What Is "Fair" Rent?

Rents in any city neighborhood are proportional to the rent charged in the most luxurious neighborhoods. In those rental units, fair monthly charges are usually 1¼% or less of the unit's sale value.

Using the same 1¼% standard, rents in North Philadelphia would be a fraction of what market forces have determined is the right, proportional amount.

So "fair" becomes a matter of raising the building's assessed value to match the rent levels that will be charged.

Delivering value to tenants through quality systems and surfaces, more living space and even a few hints of luxury (like roof-top terraces) are "fair trade".


"The Road To ...


...Is Paved With Good Intentions."


A typical landlord in North Philly

starts as a blue collar worker with a dream: Buy a run down row house, fix it up and make a good profit from the rental income. If things go well, they can repeat the process with other properties and retire at a young age with lots of income.

Most are under-funded, ill-prepared amateurs who rapidly get in over their heads. Throughout their ownership, the amateur landlords are collecting rents that are "market value", often even before the upgrades and repairs are started. That is substantially higher than the monthly, fair trade rent of 1¼ of the building's market value

Before long, they are jumping from one patch job to the next, paying "contractors" who usually over-charge and under-deliver. Anticipated profits get depleted as they become payments to stabilize the building's continuing decay. Patch-And-Pay-As-You-Go ultimately leads to tenant dissatisfaction and financial disaster for building owners.

Dreams are kept alive, and profitable, at

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